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Organic ProductOrganic products have moved into the spotlight in many households across the world. They are so popular that almost every major company has developed organic brands of food, cleaning products, and other products. Combine this with new companies that have emerged with organic products, and you have a recipe for confusion. Let these articles help you learn more about all types of organic products, how to shop for them, and even how to save some money on them. All of hese are articles contributed from Bright Hub subject experts, and voted most popular by our Bright Hub readers.

Latest Articles on Organic Products
Organic Products: Perfect Organic Shampoo for Your Hair

Organic shampoo has distinctive health benefits. According to medical research, the average individual has 91 industrial chemicals in their body. 60% of everything that applied...

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    Find out what the top five organic food brands are and how the major health food chain Whole Foods categorizes these brands as the best for environmental sustainably and overall health....

    What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Fertilizers?

    Organic fertilizers are eco-friendly and natural, but are they always the best option for your gardening needs? Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of organic fertilizers and decide which...

    The Best Organic Public Food Stocks

    Organic food stocks have become more attractive because of the remarkable rise in demand for organic products. Check out our review of the top 7 stocks to determine your choice among the best organic public...

    Pricing Models for Agricultural Products

    A pricing model determines how to fix the price of a product. A good pricing model accommodates the manufacturing costs, the nature of the product, the value the product provides, market sentiments, and...

    Go Natural with Your Blushing Creme

    Are you concerned about using toxic blush creams that gets absorbed into your skin? Well, worry no more. Now you can have glowing cheeks using a brand name all natural blushing cream, or better yet...

More About Organic Products
SaffronRouge: Organic Beauty

SaffronRouge is the premier online retailer for safe and reliable organic products. None of the products they carry contain plastics or petroleum....

Does it Make Sense to be a Locavore?

Eating local is a no brainer, right? There are so many benefits: less emissions due to transporting food, fresher produce and supporting local businesses. Sounds great, but...