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Guide to Organic Matter: Definition,Composition, Use as an Energy Source

glennwilliamspdxOrganic matter is decayed material derived from plants, animals or microorganisms containing carbon compounds. Mostly the decay is to such an extent that the original plant or animal part is not recognisable. This guide gives you deeper knowledge of organic matter, soil organic matter, its usage, biomass-the renewable energy source that is derived from living or recently living organisms and many other subjects closely related to the all important biological material.

Whether you are a researcher, teacher or just an inquisitive learner, here is Bright Hub’s collections of articles that you might find useful to understand your subject of organic matter and its wide use in a better way.

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Latest Articles on Organic Matter
Does the Goliath Beetle Pack a Punch?

The Goliath beetle is the heaviest and one of the strongest beetles in the world. It is a native of Africa, and these beetles are so large that children often tie a string around their...

The Role of Fungi in the Eco System

Did you know that fungi have different ecological roles? They are decomposers of organic matter; symbionts of plants and animals; natural enemies of pests; food for...

Biological Wastewater Treatment Systems for Removal of Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Biological waste water treatment systems remove organic matter (biochemical oxygen demand) from waste water, utlizing dissolved oxygen by aerobic bacteria. Activated sludge...

Biogas Reactors

Anaerobic digestion is a process which uses a biogas reactor to degrade organic matter to produce biogas; a source of renewable energy. This gas can be used as fuel in an internal...

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Useful Information on Soil Organic Matter

Soil organic matter may be considered as the food for the soil that keeps it healthy and gives the soil its physical, chemical and biological identity. Learn more about what organic...

An Introduction to Primary, Secondary, and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Methods

Wastewater treatment plants may use primary, secondary, and/or tertiary (advanced) treatment. Primary wastewater treatment is sedimentation. Secondary treatment is typically...