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Logon screen for Everquest, the second oldest mmorpgUltima introduced the world to the MMO concept. Everquest moved it along. While there are many mmorpgs now, there is far more to online gaming than just random grinding. Xbox Live and the Playstation 360 both have options that allow a player to play over the Internet. Many real time strategy games and shooters also have multiplayer options for the Net wand Local Area Networks.

Although all these items are good, the bulk of these games, which include free mmos, hidden object games, and small flash strategy games such as Pandemic II are found on the Internet. Of course, so are the big ones like World of Warcraft, Warhammer and Eve. Facebook offers its own online games, the most popular of which are Farmville, Frontierville and Mafia Wars. Bigfish maks many of its hidden object games available for free play on the Internet when they are first introduced.

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