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Ultimate Guide to the Old Testament: Reference Articles and Resources

Did you know the Old Testament dates back to at least the 4th century? In 2009, the Codex Sinaiticus, the world’s oldest Bible, was posted online for readers everywhere to enjoy. While this ancient manuscript does not contain that portion of the Bible as it is known today, it does offer a fascinating snapshot of Bible history prior to Christ.

Tissot Moses and the Ten CommandmentsImage Credit/Wikimedia Commons/Moses and the Ten Commandment/James Joseph Jacques Tissot/Public Domain

Whether you are a casual reader, laity, or clergy, you'll find answers to biblical questions, as well as factual reference and resource materials in our guide section. Let’s examine some of the topics covered in this guide:

  • Timelines of important biblical events
  • Famous prophets, kings, and faith heroes
  • Genealogies, maps, and charts
  • Bible studies and study guides, lesson plans, and activities
  • Fun facts on cooking, manners, customs, flowers and plants, feasts, and holy days
  • Messianic and mathematical prophecies
  • Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit: references, symbolism, types and shadows
  • The Priesthood: duties, priestly garb, the Ephod, Urim and Thummin, and the Tabernacle

In this ultimate guide, we’ll provide a vast library of articles and resources for everything pertaining to the Old Testament. While we cannot cover every single facet of the Old Testament, we’ll do our best to present you with accurate, factual information, and let you decide for yourself: Is it relevant to today's world?


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