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Changing your oil filter should be part and parcel of normal car maintenance. In this guide to oil filter we examine the basic dynamics of oil as a substance, how oil effectively lubricates moveable engine parts and what needs to be done in maintaining your car’s performance.

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Oil Filter - Guide To Oil FilterOil forms a thin film between moveable mechanical parts preventing them from coming into direct contact with each other. This lubrication function is absolutely crucial in ensuring the prolonged durability and lifespan of these parts.

In this guide to oil filter, you'll find detailed information on exactly what the purpose of a lubricating system is. Information is also provided on the different parts of a lubricating system and what, exactly, these parts do in ensuring your engine runs smoothly.

We'll also cover some troubleshooting and repair issues, including failure from over contamination in hydraulic systems. Ingression, built-in and generated contamination is also looked at.

Regular servicing of your car and timely oil change as well as oil, air and fuel filter change is a necessity. Your car is mechanical in nature after all and cannot run for an indefinite period of time without proper maintenance.

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