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Heather Marie Kosur is a linguist who has written a number of articles about object pronouns. She is particularly interested in the use of object pronouns in subject functions.
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Guide to Object Pronouns: Articles, Lesson Plans, Grammar Guides, and More

Object Pronouns: Heather Marie KosurObject pronouns are pronouns that perform objective grammatical functions such as direct object, indirect object, and prepositional complement as opposed to subjective grammatical functions such as subject and subject complement. Object pronouns often reflect grammatical person, grammatical number, and grammatical or natural gender. In some languages such as English and Spanish, all of the object pronouns have the same grammatical form regardless of grammatical function; in other languages such as German and Latin, however, the object pronouns inflect into grammatical case such as accusative and dative based on grammatical function. The following grammar guide provides information, articles, and lesson plans about the object pronouns in many languages.