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Nutrition Advice from the Food PyramidThis helpful Bright Hub guide has articles on a wide range of nutrition topics. Nutrition requirements are not the same for everyone. Here you can find articles with nutrition tips specifically for children, teens and elders, as well as advice on how to get proper nutrition during pregnancy. Runners and other athletes can learn about how exercise affects their nutritional needs, and how to make sure these needs are met for maximum endurance and performance. For those interested in pursuing a higher degree in nutrition, there are articles providing information on where to find online masters and doctorate programs.

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Environmental Effects on Safety and Nutrition of Children

Children depend on adults to furnish them their needs but could form different ideas on how these needs should be delivered. Have awareness about how the environment affects the health...

Nutrigenomics and the Study of Food Nutrition

Nutrigenomics represents a relatively new science in the field of human genetics. It focuses on the effects nutrients have on genes, with the aims of optimizing nutrition for general...