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Night sweats are one of the rising concerns amongst working men and women. Having personally known several individuals who've been suffering from 'Sleep hyperhidrosis' (technical term for night sweats) I realized the need to educate folks about causes of night sweats, and other relevant facts.
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Understanding Night Sweats: Causes & Treatment

night sweatsEpisodes of nighttime sweating even when your bedroom isn't hot enough to cause sweating, are commonly referred to as night sweats, in medical terms "Sleep hyperhidrosis".

They are common in women as well as men, may be associated with problems in the nervous system, cancer, Infection, or at times even menopause in women, but they aren't necessarily a sign of a medical problem.

They may also occur as a side effect of consumption of antidepressants, antipyretics, or hypoglycemic agents. Night sweats are commonly associated with Pyogenic abscess, and Tuberculosis too, so it's extremely important to find out the actual cause, before drawing an inference.

Find out more about night sweats, its causes, and related facts in this guide.

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