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NFS ShiftThe NFS (Need for Speed) series revolutionized the racing video game genre by including an arcade touch to plain and simple car racing games. The nitro-boosting excitement debuted in Europe and North America in 1994 and since then the Need for Speed franchise gave us some of the finest adrenaline-pumping racing games such as Need for Speed: Underground and Shift.

With the launch of NFS: Underground, the franchise moved fun to drifting and dragging. Evocative open road racing took place in urban settings and presented a new perspective to street racing. Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit focused more on police car chases. The release of Need for Speed: Shift saw the NFS franchise’s “shift” from arcade fun to serious simulation racing. This guide has every bit of information a Need for Speed fan wants to know, from reviews of the most wanted Need for Speed titles to tips on driving and customization guides.

Screenshot, courtesy Need for Speed Shift

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