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As a fan of the variety of Super Mario Bros, this version for the Wii is like the culmination of all of the Mario Bros games. There's elements of Super Mario World, the third Mario, and I don't even know what yet as I haven't finished the game!
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New Super Mario Bros Wii Guide: Reference Articles & Tips

For fans of the Super Mario Bros franchise, getting the new Super Mario Bros for the Wii will be the next best installment of this popularNew Super Mario Bros Wii Guide: Reference Articles & TIps series. This is the first Mario game since the original that features multiplayer gameplay, featuring the ability to play four characters - Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toad's friend. A nice combination of all the other Mario games before it, this new Mario bros is a fan and critic favorite.

Here we'll look at the information, articles, tips, and tricks of this game - characters, gameplay, coin location, secret paths and other things that make up what we know and love in Mario.