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Natural CuresNatural cures encompass various therapies including herbalism, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, nutritional-based therapies, naturopathy and several alternative therapies that stand apart from conventional medicine. Such types of natural therapies are generally categorized under CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine.

While proponents of conventional medicine (allopathic medicines) do not group them under "evidence-based medicines" and cite serious reasons for that (example: traditional outdated medicine, folklore and newly conceptualized approach to healing), many therapists and alternative medicine experts argue that natural medicines are far safer than conventional ones and are used by many. A 1998 review mentioned that alternative forms of medicines were used by at least 31 percent of cancer sufferers in 10 countries.

The effectiveness of natural cures on serious conditions like cancer still require scientific investigations, but their efficacy in treating common ailments like cold & flu, muscle pains, fatigue, insomnia is undisputed. Nowadays, modern gadgets like iPhone provide a holistic natural health guide through its useful apps. This Brighthub guide has everything about natural cures, from herbal remedies in treating common cold and flu to natural therapies to overcome insomnia.

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