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Namco Bandai Guide To Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii And DS Games

Tekken 6Known for popular game franchises like Tekken and Dead to Rights, Namco Bandai is one of the gaming industry’s leading publishers for gaming systems such as the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS3, PSP, Wii and more. Their games range from hardcore shooting titles such as Dead to Rights: Retribution, to casual games that include We Ski & Snowboard to fighting games such as Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, Dynasty Warriors Gundam and even Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. If you’re looking for Namco Bandai guides, walkthroughs, cheats, reviews, previews, insight and editorials regarding games for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii and DS, then you can find everything you’re looking for with the guides and resources right here at Bright Hub.