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Warhammer Online: Guide to Mourkain Temple

Mourkain TempleMourkain Temple is a player versus player battleground scenario found in Warhammer Online.

Set in the Marshes of Madness, a Tier 2 RvR (realm versus realm) zone, Mourkain Temple pits 12 players from each side - Destruction and Order - in a fight to control an artifact for as long as possible. It is available for players level 11-21, and sometimes for all levels on special battleground events.

Mourkain Temple's battleground lasts 15 minutes or until a side reaches a winning score of 500; points are earned by holding the artifact, and for killing players of the opposite side. It is a relatively small battleground with fighting focused in the middle area near where the artifact spawns.

The guides below will help explain strategies and tips for winning at Mourkain Temple, as well as other RvR scenarios in Warhammer Online.