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Mortgage ApplicationThe world of mortgages can be confusing and navigating the process of getting a mortgage loan is no easy task. Not to worry, there is help, in the form of expert articles from Bright Hub's team of talented writers and editors touching on everything from how to get a home mortgage, using a mortgage calculator, and understanding refinancing to how to reduce your payment.

Do you dream of buying a house and wonder how you will save up for it? Would you like to learn how to negotiate a lower interest rate on your mortgage loan? Do you have questions about second mortgages? All these and more are discussed in the group of articles found in this guide. Click your way around the guide to learn more.

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Advice for Saving to Buy a House

How much money do I need to save to buy a house? Learn the amount you should save when purchasing a home. We discuss saving tips and percentages you need to know....

Your Second Mortgage Questions Answered

Can you modify a second mortgage? Learn if modification on a home equity loan is possible in today's unsteady housing market. We'll also discuss if this modification option...