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elmer's glueWhen a student enters middle school, is it a whole new world full of unique experiences. These are the years where students are laying the foundation for high school success, and it can be a challenge. With the help of Bright Hub's talented writers, we have collected the articles that will help you guide your students through the mine field that is middle school. You'll find lesson ideas, tips on study skills, and all of the information you need to make the year a success. Make this guide your source for motivating, challenging activities and you will provide your students with all they need to conquer the school year.

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Does having predominately female teachers hinder our male student population? Recent statistics suggest that it does. What can educators do to stop this trend and help our male...

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James Patterson’s series Maximum Ride [Little, Brown Young Readers] is truly an exciting, twisting and turning trip. The four book series Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment...

Spanish Classroom Activity to Teach Days, Months and the Date

Get your students forming and pronouncing sentences to express the date in Spanish. Through this activity your students will work together in groups to express the appropriate numbers...