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I haven't played LOTRO yet, but from what I've seen from a friend's playing, it's a great game to be involved in. It's certainly something I might be invested in while awaiting for other MMOs to come out.
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Middle Earth Guide: Articles, Info & Tips

With the success of the movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings Online has managed to bring in many a fan of not only the movies and books, Guide to Middle Earthbut fans of MMOs and fantasy in general. Aside from the very well written story about the race of Hobbits who help to save their world and bring together the place of Middle Earth. Readers of the original The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books will remember the various maps that are included in the book.

Here, we'll take a look at this fictional land - how it works in the Lord of the Rings online MMO, how it worked in the books (and thus the movies), as well as any interesting treasures that can be found as you travel throughout.