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Microwave - 1The invention of the microwave has revolutionized the manner in which food is prepared. Gone are the days where heating food involved waiting for a time-consuming warming of an oven or stove. The simplicity of use has made owning a microwave an almost inescapable necessity in most households.

In this guide to microwaves, we look at certain dishes which can be prepared (such as organic popcorn and preschool snacks) using a microwave. Given the time constraints of many working moms' and dads', it becomes increasingly cumbersome to prepare edible delicacies which can be enjoyed by all. A microwave provides the means in which these delicacies can be made with remarkable ease and efficiency. We'll also cover food safety with microwave cooking with specific reference to temperature control, covering and food size, as well as how to recycle an old microwave.

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