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No matter what version you are using, learning about the features, tools and shortcuts available in Microsoft Word can help you increase productivity and save a great deal of time and effort. The articles in this guide include comprehensive tutorials with full-color screen shots that will lead you through the steps necessary to reach your desired outcome. Roundups and review articles will point you to helpful downloads for templates, fonts and more. In addition, should you have an issue with MS Word, troubleshooting articles will help you uncover the root of the problem and find a solution.

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Latest Articles on Microsoft Word
Add Clip Art Borders to Microsoft Word Documents

Microsoft Word documents can be spruced up with the addition of clip art - this guide looks at how to import and use borders....

How to Lock and Unlock a Word Document

Do you have the need to create Word documents that are essentially forms for end users to fill out? If so, you may need to lock down the text in the Word document that you don’t...

Five Thanksgiving or Harvest-Themed Templates

Make your Thanksgiving celebration perfect with these free printables. Download and customize a greeting card, banner, recipe card, menu and place cards....

10 Great Patriotic Templates for Microsoft Word

Who says you need a fancy, expensive program to create eye-catching red, white and blue publications? With Word and a little help, you can personalize and print everything from...

Most Popular Articles on Microsoft Word
    Cover Letter Template for MS Word

    Before you can land the perfect job, you must get the right person's attention. These Microsoft Word cover letter templates will help you get noticed by hiring managers and human resources personnel...

    Add Clip Art Borders to Microsoft Word Documents

    Microsoft Word documents can be spruced up with the addition of clip art - this guide looks at how to import and use borders....

    Need to Give a Cash Receipt? Use One of These Free Forms

    Download a cash receipt template from the options listed here to customize and print. Choose between templates for Microsoft Word or Excel....

    Need to Print a Pay Stub? Use One of These Free Templates

    Although paycheck stubs primarily benefit employees by providing information about their wages and deductions, they protect the employer as well as they offer proof that employees are paid correctly. Use...

    Three Downloadable CV Cover Letter Templates for Microsoft Word

    Having the most amazing CV ever means nothing if an employer never looks at it. Add an attention-grabbing cover letter in order to get noticed. These CV cover letter templates help you present a polished...

More About Microsoft Word
Learning Word - Best Practice Exercises

This article teaches you practice exercises in Microsoft Word to become a Word power user....

Inserting Pictures into Documents with Microsoft Word 2007

With the ability to add spreadsheets, tables, and images, Microsoft Word 2007 is far more than just a standard word processor. Here, we’ll take a look at how to insert and resize...

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