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echinaceaInterested in herbal medicine? Wondering how plants heal the human body? Some herbs encourage healing, others quell inflammation; the properties of some medicinal plants calm, others energize and strengthen. Find out about all the various uses and medicinal properties of healing plants.

Some herbs, such as borage and licorice, have the ability to renew the adrenal glands, treating chronic fatigue and weakness after the use of steroid medication. Other plants have alternative properties, including burdock root, yellow dock, and red clover. The cleansing, purifying properties of these plants are useful in cases of chronic skin disorders such as eczema, as well as arthritis. Read about the anti-inflammatories; herbs that assist the body with the natural healing process of inflammation — look to meadowsweet, chamomile, and bogbean. What about medicinal plants with beneficial properties for topical applications such as the demulcents, or anti-microbial herbs to treat external wounds as well as internal well-being.

There are hundreds of medicinal plants in traditional herbal healing, all with one, and often several beneficial medicinal properties. Learn their strengths, their power, and find out how they can help you.


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