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I enjoy helping people online and offline about malware removal and prevention. Part of my computing life is finding out how malware works as well as understanding what type of removal tool or steps to use for specific malware infections.
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Guide to Malware Prevention and Removal

MalwareMalware is the short term for malicious software. Malware causes damage to home, office or business computers and networks. A cybercriminals' intention does not end there but they also want access to personal and private information such as credit cards, name, email addresses, or social security numbers to steal people's identity or money.

The numbers of malware incidents continue to grow which is why we have articles, guides and tips in dealing with malware, and also several malware removal and prevention write-ups. We've also covered several anti-malware, anti-spyware and antivirus reviews and comparison that should help you decide what to do to protect Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

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Open up any tech related site and you’re bound to see a new article on the prevalence of ransomware. How can you protect yourself against this despicable act? Read on to find...

Federal Communications Commission Assistance for Online Attacks

With the threat of online attacks seemingly targeted at specific businesses and organizations, the FCC has taken the unprecedented step of providing guidance to small and medium businesses...

After the Tsunami Trojan Knocked Down Mac's Door, What's Next?

The threat of a malware explosion on Mac OS X has been low until recently, when more and more threats have been identified. With Mac use increasing, scammers are now targeting OS X...

Security Risks That May Affect You in 2012

As technology evolves, so does the malware that hacks and exploits it. Many threats, like viruses, worms and Trojans found on PCs, are at this point well known – but there are...

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    There are several reasons why Google won't work on your computer - but it's usually down to malware......

    Google Blank Page Virus

    Information we need is few clicks away when using search engine services but when a virus has infected your computer, a blank page or redirects to unwanted pages could happen. Example symptom of infection...

    Performing a Manual Removal of a Google Search Redirect Virus

    These infections on your computer can cause real problems and the virus itself can be difficult to remove, even with tools. However, it is possible to remove the virus by combining manual removal with...

    AVG vs. Microsoft Security Essentials

    AVG users might want to check this article on Microsoft Security Essentials vs. AVG antivirus. Find out if AVG will beat the antivirus program by Microsoft....

    Review of SpyHunter 4

    The SpyHunter spyware detection tool by Enigma Software is now version 4. The name has changed from SpyHunter to SpyHunter Malware Security Suite. Find out if it's worth using the program....

More About Malware
Understanding Malware - What is Malware?

The Internet is an essential part of our modern lives. However, it is also a haven for malicious software written by, and often controlled by, cybercriminals. Understanding the enemy...

How to Remove Malware with Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft’s Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is a free scanner and remover of malware that is widespread. This article will discuss on how you can use MSRT or MRT to remove...