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I am a big fan of the Majesty game series. I have also written many extensive Majesty 2 and Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthroughs for the Bright Hub website.

Research Guide to Majesty 2 Kingmaker

Majesty 2 Kingmaker boxshotMajesty 2 Kingmaker is the PC game expansion that continues the story of the kingdom of Ardania. Despite the defeat of the Demon Lord, the kingdom is now ravaged with goblin creature hordes and other new enemies. Just like the previous releases it is a sim style game where heroes are motivated by gold bounties to attack enemies, defend the kingdom and explore areas of the map.

A new feature that has been added is the map generator, which will provide additional challenge and replayability to the game. This expansion has also increased the difficulty of its missions which will provide an exciting challenge for veteran Majesty players.

Are you looking for help with the game campaign and stand alone missions? Use this page as a guide to detailed Majesty 2 Kingmaker walkthroughs, cheats, hints and tips articles.