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How to Lower Cholesterol

Hamburgers, juicy steaks, whole milk, ice cream, cheese. All of these foods have one thing in common--they are all delicious, and they can contribute to your level of cholesterol. Your body makes all the cholesterol your body needs to function. The cholesterol you eat is processed by your liver, but if you eat too much of it, your body can’t process it, and it begins to accumulate in your arteries.

If your doctor tells you you’re suffering from high cholesterol, changing your diet to low-cholesterol, low-fat foods can help you lower your levels. If diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to bring your levels down to a healthy level, he can prescribe medication that helps you decrease your blood cholesterol. Continue reading this Guide to Lower Cholesterol, where you’ll learn what kinds of foods you should be eating, what high cholesterol can do to your health and what kinds of medications you need to take.

Lower your cholesterol with a healthy diet.