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Guide to Lord Of The Rings Online

Lord Of The Rings OnlineLord Of The Rings Online brings the incredible fantasy writings of J.R.R. Tolkien to life in the smash hit MMO that is now free to play around the world. Choose your race, decide on a class and then set off on amazing adventures with thousands of other players in famous settings such as the Shire, Mirkwood and Mordor. Lord Of The Rings Online features an incredible level of depth in its gameplay that will keep you hooked for hundreds of hours, all in a rich fantastical world with a history quite unlike any other video gaming today.

Bright Hub has collected some of our best writing on Lord Of The Rings Online to create an essential guide for both beginners and experienced players of LOTRO. We have detailed overviews of the game's different classes and playable races, as well as quest walkthroughs and gameplay tips and tricks.