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Trying to gain information regarding liver disease? Find the latest informative articles at Bright Hub on the various common and uncommon diseases that affect the liver which is a pivotal organ of our body. Read and know about the signs and symptoms as well as the causes of liver disease so that you can recognize them well on time, as early detection is the key to preventing end-stage liver disease which can often be fatal. Update your knowledge regarding the latest treatments available as well as the dietary patterns to be followed in case of an affliction of the liver. Preventing liver disease and keeping it healthy is far easier than treating it.


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Metolazone Information

Metolazone is a diuretic or water pill according to AOL Health. It is known under brand names as Mykrox and Zaroxolyn, and is used to rid the body of excess water that is carried in...

Liver Function Test- Types and Importance

Liver function tests are done to diagnose liver diseases. It includes the measurement of different liver enzymes, proteins, billurubin and other chemicals produced by liver. Some of...

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Copper Storage Disease

Copper storage disease, also known as Wilson's disease, can impact both humans and dogs such as the Bedlington Terrier. It is a genetic disorder that ultimately leads to liver disease...

The Importance of Hepatitis C Antibody Tests

Hepatitis C is a silent disease. Often people have the disease with no knowledge and may even be a carrier. Testing for hepatitis C can catch the disease in the early stages and prevent...