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Writing is my passion. Knowing and using literary terms or devices enables me to fine-tune my craft, making it interesting for the reader and challenging for me, the writer.
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Literary Terms: From Allegory to Verse

Writer JohnThere are many literary terms that can be taught for use in writing. This guide to literary terms provides various articles on the use, teaching and understanding of literary terms. For instance, some terms are used daily by writers, such as irony or symbolism, while others only appear in the canon of literature taught to grad school students perusing a degree in creative writing. Regardless, understanding the use of literary terms enables the writer to create text that pulls the reader into the story, poem, article or report. Sometimes, these devices can be used to for fun, such as alliteration, or onomatopoeia - Suzie sells seashells down by the seashore. - Wiz, bang, crash! At other times, writers use devices such as a parable to enhance their text, as might be found in a sermon or editorial.

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