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Understanding Linux: Articles about The Best Known Open Source Software

Linux is both the most well known and most used of the open source operating systems. It was developed from Unix, and named for one of the early developers of the kernel, Linus Torvalds. Linux is built upon, uses, and provides code for the GNU project, which was originally started to create a free version of UNIX. The GNU project supports many open source projects besides Linux. The language gained popularity slowly, with distributions created by different groups emerging. Some of the distributions were created to make Linux more user friendly for the average user, including providing a graphic interface looking very much like Microsoft Windows. It is also now supported by many hardware manufacturers.

Bright Hub articles in the Linux channel cover beginning to use Linux, information on different distributions, reviews of Linux applications, tutorials for programming hardware running Linux and more. Linux is free and open in the sense that all of the source code is freely available, and anyone one can build image found at Wikipedia commons Tux cc-by-sa Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinskiupon it. Some companies have built businesses around it, providing support for the software and materials on how to use it, proving the free software movement also provides viable business models

Linux is very versatile, and has been adapted to use on mobile phones, eBook readers, personal computers, and servers. Possibly more servers run operating systems that are some variant of Linux than any other operating system. At Bright Hub, we offer a guide to the site's best articles covering aspects of Linux.

image found at Wikipedia commons Tux cc-by-sa Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski

Latest Articles on Linux
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This article will walk you through installing and configuring the Bash shell on your Windows 10 machine. It’s not quite as easy as just installing the Windows 10 update, but with...

Installing & Running Linux on a Windows PC

With all the hype surrounding Linux these days, it's easy to become curious about it. Why is it billed as the magical solution to all your Windows problems? Why does every computer...

Running Linux Inside Windows: Virtualization on Linux Hosts

With Linux gaining in desktop markets everyday, you might want to try it too. But leaving the comfort of Windows might be difficult for newbies. With these virtualization softwares...

A Glance at Embedded Linux; by Example

Getting good example projects using embedded Linux today is not as hard as it was decades ago. Furthermore the projects are open source therefore giving you a better insight into what...

Most Popular Articles on Linux
    Top 5 Linux Webcam Software

    To use your webcam in Linux the way you want, from applying special effects to home surveillance, requires webcam software that delivers on your specific requirements. Here we discuss some of the common...

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    Best Lightweight Linux OS for Old or Slow Computers

    A lightweight Linux distro can breathe life into an old computer or make a newer one snappier and more responsive. This article highlights five standouts that bring modern features to ancient hardware...

    Bubble Letters Everywhere: 17 Free Fonts

    Bubble letter fonts are great choices for scrapbooking or other casual applications. Here are 17 cute and free bubble fonts for you to check out....

    Asus Express Gate - Asus Motherboard Software

    Express Gate is a new software package that ships with newer Asus motherboards. Based on the popular "instant on" Linux distribution - Splashtop, Express Gate gives you access to your most often...

More About Linux
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Making a Personal Movie DVD Backup on Linux

Linux has many ways to make a personal DVD backup if you are comfortable using command line tools. If however you would rather use a graphical interface, there are three main contenders...