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The Linux kernel is hidden behind the curtains but it is the piece of code that powers any Linux distribution. While an ordinary user might never need to mess with the kernel, or even be aware of its existence, IT pros need to be familiar with the Linux kernel.

The articles on this page will help you to get familiar with the Linux kernel and its intricacies. Read the information we have gathered for you and use it creatively. If you don't understand everything, don't panic. Instead, focus on what we explain, read additional literature and soon you will learn at least the basics about the Linux kernel.

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Latest Articles on Linux Kernel
Voices in Torvalds' Head Herald Kernel 3.0

In a recent newsgroup posting Linus Torvalds was quoted as saying voices in his head disliked ever lengthening version 2.x numbers, and now we have a new kernel 3. What, if anything...

Linux Kernel Development

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Linux How To Guides: Applying Linux Kernel Patches

One of the main reasons for a custom compiled Linux kernel is to add certain features/tweaks which are not present in the mainline kernel for various reasons. This article will...

A Linux Jargon-Buster

Newcomers to Linux are often baffled by unfamiliar terms and phrases. We explain some of the most common Linux-related terms and the role they play in the system....

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