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Working as a bank examiner involved reviewing all types of insurance policies & looking into conditions & guarantees. This is how I was able to get a good grasp of the words & terms used for insurance policies. I love writing articles to serve as guides for others.
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Guide to Life Insurance Policies: Understanding Insurance Terms, Cash Values & Guarantees

ArchiMate sample insurance claim process

Deciding whether to buy a life insurance policy or not is confusing enough, having a variety to choose from makes it even more difficult. Refer to our guide to life insurance policies as your aide in understanding insurance words, policy terms, cash values and every promise of life guarantee coverage there is. Start with articles about term life insurance and from there, know which sales pitches are true and what aren’t.

Then explore other articles explaining the different types of insurance, whether for short term or permanent. Know what works favorably and what doesn’t. Let our expert writers’ experiences direct you to resources where life-insurance policies could be more sensible at lower fees.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons -- ArchiMate sample insurance claim process

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