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I don't think I truly thought of leveling until I started playing WoW, but when I think back to games I've played, especially those of RPG, action/adventure games, there is an aspect of leveling which helps to increase your points and powers.
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Leveling Guide: Articles, Info & Tips

When gamers mention the phrase leveling, what are they talking about? For some, it might be the grueling process of killing mobs andLeveling Guide: Articles, Info, & Tips bosses in order to work up to an acceptable level to enter a particular instance or to get to a particular quest chain; for others, it could simply mean getting as many experience points - or XP - in order to rise up their powers or specs equipment.

In this guide, we'll look at the basics of leveling - what it is, what the purpose is, how it helps a player, and what players need to know when reaching certain levels in their gameplay.