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Comprehensive Lego Star Wars Guide

Screenshot from Lego Star Wars IIIOne of the main highlights of Lego Star Wars is the cutesy Lego character design incorporated with the Star Wars theme. Whether it’s the protagonist Anakin Skywalker or the deadly Darth Vader, every character looks great in typical Lego design. The first Lego Star Wars model, the X-Wing, was launched in 1999 and since then there have been several new models in the market that attract the eye of both kids and adults.

If you love the coveted Lego toy line, you would certainly love playing video games based on cutesy Lego toys. There are many Star Wars video games with the Lego theme released for the PC, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 video games console. This guide brings to you some of the best news, reviews, cheats and walkthroughs on video games based on Lego Star Wars toy franchise.

Screenshot, Courtesy: Lucasarts