Super Guide to Lean Six Sigma: Free Templates & Latest Info

Six Sigma by Share Alike Wikimedia CommonsGantt charts, value stream mapping (VSM) and Little’s Law are just a few things you can learn about in this super guide to Lean Six Sigma. Need to know how this project management methodology developed from combining Six Sigma and Lean? It’s all here including the various phases used such as DMADV, DMAIC, and even DMEDI.

Six Sigma set out to reduce defects to 4 per one million opportunities, where Lean focuses on eliminating waste and increased production. Both methodologies focus on quality outcomes based on customer needs and desires, so it makes sense they would evolve into what is now called Lean Six Sigma.

If you’re looking for online training or seeking a college or university offers degrees with an emphasis on the methodology, you’ve come to the right place. This super guide also explains what the various teams do, what certifications you can achieve, and if having both a Lean team and a Six Sigma team works best.

If you’re a fan of Six Sigma and swear by it, learn here why including some Lean processes can improve your projects with free templates, Excel Gantt and Pareto charts, and all the tools you need to make your next project a Lean Six Sigma project.

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