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The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is one of America's premier science research facilities. Although its focus has been on nuclear weapons research and design, it has done a lot more. For example, it has been involved in climate change modeling, as well as medical and biological research..
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Founded in 1952, the LLNL, has been one of the most important research facilities in the United States. It has had a focus on nuclear weapons research, design, and development. However, it has done work in genomics, artificial retinas, and diabetes research. It has also been part of the development of several computer technology systems. It has seen breakthroughs in high-performance computing. It has designed supercomputers that can process hundreds of trillions of operations per second. They have also been involved in the development of massively parallel computing systems and the ROSE compiler framework which makes compiler technology accessible to all programmers. This is not a one or even two dimensional research lab.


Super Computer at LLNL

The Brighthub guide to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will give readers a chance to learn about the technologies and breakthroughs at this science research facility.

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