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Credit: Morguefile.comTo be honest, the laundry detergent section of our local supermarket has gotten out of hand. Frangrance free, scented, eco-friendly, concentrated, and many more kinds of laundry detergent can be found in one single isle. With so much choice, it suddenly becomes hard to choose. Which detergent would be best for sensitive skin or for certain stains?

Find the answers to these questions and much more with these articles written by Bright Hub contributors. Topics discussed include detergent types, as well as individual product reviews. All this knowledge packed into one place will help you make the right decision next time you visit the store!

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Green Laundry Detergents Versus Regular Detergents & Their Tag-Alongs

Green laundry detergents won't include these ingredients in their formulations. Laundry detergents which do include these chemicals among their ingredients really are not green...

Are the Cleaning Compounds (The Surfactants) in Laundry Detergents Really Safe to Use?

We use laundry detergents every week, if not every few days. Our clean laundry carries with it traces of the laundry detergent that we used. This includes impurities, brighteners, and...

Green Laundry Detergents: First Understand What is in Laundry Detergents

Since laundry detergents are such common household chemicals we rarely spend much time considering exactly what laundry detergents really are and how they may affect the health of our...

"Green Laundry Detergents" that really are "Green"

A lot of so-called green laundry detergents contain toxic or questionable ingredients, you may be wondering how you will ever find a laundry detergent that is really safe. Here a few...

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Green Laundry Detergents - Understanding Surfactants, The Detergent's Mover and Groover

Green Laundry Detergents: How do Detergents Work – a look at surfactant chemistry...

More Synthetic Surfactants: Fabric Softeners and Other Questionable Inventions

Cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants are all synthetics chemicals and carry with them the risk of piggybacking trace impurities. Long term risks of exposure to synthetic compounds...