A Review of Bright Hub's Best Articles on First and Second Language Acquisition

Most theorists agree on how first language acquisition takes place, but there are many differences of opinion on second language acquisition - and whether a second language can be acquired or must be learned. Language acquisition seems to depend on exposure to From letters to wordslanguage - immersion - and many theorists believe that it can only take place in the brain before a certain age. Read this great selection of articles from Bright Hub to learn different theories and see which you agree with.

Whether you want to understand the theory of language acquisition by a particular authority or read a discussion on nature vs. nurture in acquiring a language, we have well written articles to educate and explain, as well as material on incorporating a particular method of acquiring a language into your teaching or learning.

Latest Articles on Language Acquisition
Key Skills of Interaction and Second Language Acquisition

Interaction is one of the best ways to learn a second language; and there are various ways to maximize your interaction with another language. There are a vast amount of resources...

Understanding How Humans Acquire Language

How do human beings learn to use language? Is it innate or taught? This article discusses nature versus nurture in language acquisition. Both approaches will be considered here...

Most Popular Articles on Language Acquisition
More About Language Acquisition
MILLEE: Mobile Technology And Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies

In rural India, where almost half of school-age children can’t go to school, because they need to work to help support their families, cell phones are serving as m-learning educational...

Is International TESOL Training Really Necessary to Teach English Abroad?

Must you have international TESOL training to teach English as a foreign language in other countries? The answer is a resounding "yes". Here's why you do, what options...