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I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda and eagerly await for the sequel, though I admit to being a bit hesitant as sequels are usually never as good or even on par with the original.
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Released in the summer of 2008, Kung Fu Panda was a cute animated action comedy starring the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Guide to Kung Fu PandaLucy Liu, and Angelina Jolie about a lovable, but clumsy panda who earns to be a kung fu master. The success of the movie has not only garnered favorable reviews by critics and fans alike, but has now earned a sequel to be released in the summer of 2011. The film has also garnered a number of awards, as well as a prequel that go over the origins of the Furious Five.

This is a guide to Kung Fu Panda, including information and articles about the movie itself, the games it has inspired, and insight on the new sequel.

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