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The original idea of a kitchen being a portion of the house with the sole purpose of meal preparation has evolved over the years. A kitchen can also now be utilized as a convenient means of socializing and as a relaxation area as well.
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Kitchen - Stainless GalleyA kitchen is an area in the house most commonly used for the preparation of meals. In the older rustic type house set-ups, the kitchen was located separately from any passageways or living room areas. With more emphasis being placed on open space and fluidity of movement between ‘separate’ rooms, one generally finds the kitchen to be more of a social hangout spot than what it was it was originally intended to be used for. The theory and idea behind today’s contemporary kitchen design is to create a pleasant and livable area in which food preparation, meals and socializing all fit conveniently into one neat package.

In this comprehensive guide to kitchens, Brighthub readers will be exposed to a wealth of information that can assist the avid home designer, DIY'er or chef to create their dream kitchen.


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