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Kayar thinks of Jupiter as the Big Brother of the solar system, taking all the hits from incoming comets to defend the little inner planets like Earth. While not strictly true, the awe, admiration and fascination remains.
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The Planet Jupiter in Our Solar System

Jupiter (Cassini image from NASA)Jupiter, the fifth of eight planets and the first of four gas giants, is the second largest astronomical object in our solar system after the Sun. Its most famous feature is its Great Red Spot - a massive storm that has been raging for centuries (at least). The rest of Jupiter has brightly-colored bands of gases moving rapidly in opposite directions with turbulence in between. One day on Jupiter is about 10 Earth hours, and one year on Jupiter is about 12 Earth years.

Jupiter has at least 63 moons. Eight of them, including the four largest - Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Io - orbit nicely about the equator, more or less. These probably formed when Jupiter did. The rest of them orbit every which way in a cloud around the planet, after Jupiter captured them in passing. Jupiter also has rings of dust from things crashing into the two innermost moons.

In the articles below, learn all about Jupiter, its moons and rings, the history of our explorations from Earth, solar system events like the Shoemaker-Levy impact, and other fun facts.

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