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Guide to Jell-o

Jell-o, that sweet, quivery cool dessert from your childhood. With whipped cream, it’s a treat. Your mother probably slipped carrots and pineapple into orange Jell-o, tricking you into eating your servings of carrots. Sick children eat Jell-o when their stomachs are too upset to eat anything. Jell-o is considered a clear fluid, even when it has been refrigerated and gelled into the familiar, quivery dessert.

This gelatin dessert may also help to strengthen your fingernails, due to the keratin it contains. Read more in our Guide to Jell-o, where you’ll find out where this dessert comes from and how it gels after boiling water and cold water are added to it, as well as what kinds of desserts and foods you can make using Jell-o.

Eat a bowl of Jell-o!