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You Guide to the ISO file format

CDAn ISO image file is used to store the contents of an optical disk such as a CD, DVD or Blu Ray. ISO files can be used to tranfer disk images across the internet, which can then be burnt to a writeable disk using software like Nero, CDBurnerXP, Roxio and others. A number of applications like PowerArchiver, 7Zip and DaemonTools can be used to read ISO files directly, without having to first burn them to a CD. Some will allow you to view an ISO file like an archive (much in the same way as you would view the contents of a ZIP file), while others create virtual drives in your operating system that present the file as if it were a standard optical disk.

This guide will show you how to make, transfer and burn ISO files, as well as showing you how to save DVDs to your hard disk.

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