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Apple's iPhotoThe iPhoto for the Mac OS X is a photo editing software that can edit, share, print, import and organize digital photographs. While Mac OS X had every basic application to please its users, it lacked a Photoshop-like program. This nifty application was released in 2002 and became part of the iLife suite of applications for the new Macintosh computer.

Apple’s iPhoto can do everything that Windows Live Gallery, Microsoft Expression Media or Photoshop can perform. It can import digital images from scanners and digital cameras, edit them using a set of nifty tools and adjustments and provide extensive editing functionality that can match the features of Apple’s Aperture. Recent versions have also included features like facial recognition and geo-tagging.

This helpful guide explains everything an iPhoto user yearns for, from organizing digital photographs and clipart manually to using other equally good alternatives to the software.

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