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Screenshot of The iPhone 4The iPhone/iPod Touch redefined the portable gadget and mobile platform by adding a nifty touch interface to its screen. Apple’s iPhone marked the emergence of a touch screen generation, though this function was in use much before iPhone’s release. Millions of devices were sold within a few years and the touch screen smartphone created waves in the mobile platform. With features like virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi connectivity, touch-enabled games and GPS navigation, the iPhone became every gadget freak's most lovable portable media player and smartphone.

The iPod Touch is a more stylized version of the iPhone and is actually a portable media player developed specifically for teens and gadget geeks. Ever since the launch of this gadget, Apple sold over 30 million units. The latest iteration (4th generation) of iPod Touch features the exceptional Retina display and dual camera functions. The latest versions of iPhone/iPod Touch will feature Game Center, a great place for gamers to socialize, play multiplayer games and post scores on leaderboards. Thanks to the latest iOS 4, gamers will have everything under one roof!

This guide provides technical advice, how-tos, reviews and the latest applications & accessories list. IYou will learn how to control your camera in either iPhone or iPod Touch, discover fun apps like Air Mouse, Postino and other accessories and read debates on whether iPhone will be the next gaming platform.

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