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Programmer. Web Designer. Marketing Guru. Heartbreaker. To succeed in all these roles save one, I need a solid Internet Security Suite that will keep parasitical malware off my PC systems. I've tried enough options to know how to get the best protection out there without spending a dime!
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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Security Suites

computervirus2Welcome to the Brighthub Internet Security Suite Guide, your one-stop shop for all things computer security related. We put internet security programs through the meat grinder to you don't have to. Most members of the internet-surfing public have been frightened into believing that only expensive premium Internet security suites like antivirus programs and spy ware protection will do the trick. The truth is, that many respected software studios provide free options that are often lighter, easier to use, and downright better than what you have been paying $70 a year for during the past decade (do the math). So come on in and benefit from the hours of testing our guides have done so that you don't learn you got an inferior product only after your whole system crashed and burned!

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