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Browsers are our gateway to the World Wide Web. The Web gives us the opportunity to be a global community, and without a helpful interface, the gate will not open properly. I am interested in Internet Explorer as one of the most common gateways to the WWW, and particularly in IE9 beta's innovations
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Internet Explorer is the browser created by Microsoft. Bundled with Microsoft Windows, it is the default browser for anyone accessing the Internet from whichever version of Windows they are using. For many people, it remains their browser of choice, giving IE the largest market share of any browser. Microsoft regularly releases new versions of Internet Explorer, although on a different schedule than new releases of Windows. Recently, Microsoft released IE9 beta to the public. In Bright Hub's Internet Explorer guide, you will find reviews of the browser, information on different features of various IE versions, and troubleshooting for Internet Explorer when it acts up. Bright Hub articles also regularly give you tips on best security practices while using Internet Explorer.Microsoft logo - IE9 beta

Currently, Bright Hub is paying close attention to IE 9 beta, which incorporates an enormous increase in speed, new features, including the ability to handle SVG, and better security. Because of its closer compatibility with W3C web standards, Internet Explorer 9 will stay current with the upcoming changes in the WWW.

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