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Inkjet printers have given inexpensive and easy printing to everyone who has a computer. Becoming ever more capable and less expensive, the same printer can print booklets, pictures, and photos of nearly the same quality that the corner drugstore provided. Your photos can now go directly from the SD card in your camera into a memory slot on the printer, and you can even do some editing on them there. Wireless printers have dropped below $100; print quality and speed can be amazing.

Some computer manufacturers even take advantage of the ‘cheap’ price of printers to give one away with the purchase of a computer system. When you can pick up a new inkjet printer capable of photo printing for under $50, the situation may seem too good to be true. Read the reviews at Bright Hub and check out the real cost of a cheap inkjet printer- because there is a worm in the apple sometimes.empty inkjet cartridges- kennymatic on Flickr

Inkjet printers use ink. With printers going for so little, the main cost to consumers is the ink cost. And that cost can add up very quickly. If you do not print much, it may not be too much of an issue. Bright Hub’s writers look at inkjet printers- and the supplies as well. Get a real picture of how much that budget wireless printer is going to cost you after a year of printing essays and photographs, and make an informed decision on which inkjet printer really suits your needs.

image: empty inkjet cartridges- kennymatic on Flickr

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