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Heather Marie Kosur is a self-proclaimed language nerd who focuses her studies on grammar and the grammar of the English language in particular. She has written many articles about indirect objects. Her favorite grammatical form that can function as an indirect object is the prepositional phrase.
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Guide to Indirect Objects: Grammar, Lesson Plans, ESL, and More

Noun Phrases as Indirect Objects in English: objects are words, phrases, and clauses that indicate to or for whom or what the action of a ditransitive verb is performed. The term "indirect object" describes a grammatical function, which is what a word, phrase, or clause does. In many languages, nouns, noun phrases, and pronouns primarily function as indirect objects; however, other grammatical forms including noun clauses, verb phrases, and prepositional phrases perform the grammatical function of indirect object. Sentences that contain an indirect object usually must also contain a direct object. This grammar guide can answer even the most complex questions about indirect objects through articles, lesson plans, and more.