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Heather Marie Kosur graduated from Illinois State University with a BA in English studies with a minor in creative writing in May 2007. She is now pursuing an MA in English studies with an emphasis in linguistics from the university. She also works as a library specialist at Milner Library at ISU.
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Guide to Illinois State University: Degrees, Programs, Colleges, and More

Illinois State University: Screen capture from in 1857 by local businessman Jesse Fell, Illinois State University is the oldest public university in the state of Illinois. Originally named Illinois State Normal University, reflecting the primary mission of the school as a teacher training institution, ISU became Illinois State University at Normal in 1964 and finally just Illinois State University in 1968. The official name change reflects the changing mission of the school from teacher training to liberal arts curriculum. This guide to Illinois State University—which is located in Normal, Illinois—provides information and articles about degrees, programs, colleges, and more available from the school.

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