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The Complete Guide to iGoogle

igoogle logoiGoogle is a Google service that provides a personalized, customizable home page. The service was launched in 2005, and was called Google Personalized Homepage, but the name was changed to iGoogle in 2007.

iGoogle pages can be customized by adding Google Gadgets, which can display emails, news feeds, weather, comics and much more. Google provides a number of gadgets, and third parties can create their own gadgets using the Google Gadget API.

This guide shows you how to use and configure your own iGoogle home page, how to create gadgets, how to use iGoogle on your mobile devices and tips on how iGoogle can be used to manage projects or even your life.

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You can use iGoogle gadgets to translate words, phrases and Web pages directly from your iGoogle homepage. Google provides an official Google Translate gadget that you can add to your...

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Your Outlook Calendar doesn't have to stay on your PC - with Google Calendar Sync you can sync Outlook into a widget that you can then view in iGoogle!...

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iGoogle: Customizing Your Pages

iGoogle makes it easy to fully customize your homepage. You can change themes, add gadgets, set language preferences, share tabs, and even change the page layout....

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