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Hydro PowerHydroelectric Power is an alternative source of energy and it is one of the cheapest ways of generating electricity. Thermal energy affects our environment by releasing harmful gases whereas hydroelectricity is clean and does not emit any harmful residual gas. It does have its disadvantages, but they are not as severe as carbon emissions. Want to learn more? Browse our round-up of articles on hydroelectricity; its advantages, disadvantages, and latest information related to water power engineering. Discover detailed technical articles related to hydroelectricity written by academicians and experienced site engineers. Various other implications and applications are further examined in other articles.

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How Water Power Works

This will give you an introductory answer to the question, "How does water power work?" Links to other sources will help you deepen your inquiry into this increasingly relevant...

Zotloterer Gravitational Vortex Power Plant

Can electricity be produced by generating artificially induced vortex in a shallow water basin? Read the article to find out how the overall efficiency of a conventional hydroelectric...

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How Dams and Other Structures Lend to the Invasive Species Problem

Dams originally served the community by providing flood control, water for irrigation, reservoirs for hydroelectric plants, and as a recreational site and promenading grounds; however...

Hydroelectric Power Plants in the United States

In 2009, the US Dept. of Energy announced that $30.6 million of the government’s Recovery Act funds will be used to upgrade 7 hydroelectric power plants in the United States...