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All of us are on a personal journey to understand ourselves and keep our bodies healthy. I see a strong correlation between the human body and the Earth we live on. Nourishing the body is a science and art that changes as we grow and I am honored to house these great articles on the human body.
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the human body

The human body is a mystery continues to become unveiled as science reaches new frontiers, going deeper and deeper into the cell and understanding the functions of the entire human system, creating a symphony known as the human body.

The following articles range from the most basic concepts regarding human anatomy to a deep understanding of the cells and metabolism. Integrating diet and exercise, this human body guide is a phenomenal resource to finding the secrets of staying healthy and happy, written in a way that is both entertaining and informative. Read a few articles to expand your understanding of the incredible human form.

Image: Wikimedia Commons -Mikael Horgstrom- Human Body

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Integumentary System Functions in Humans

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The human skeleton, consisting of 206 bones, is a marvel of engineering. The bones which form the skeleton consist of proteins and mineral substances. Read more about the importance...

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