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I have seen the housing market rise & fall in the east, west, & southwest. My interest in the housing market is southwest-based & surprisingly the housing market in Phoenix and surrounding areas has been hit hard while prices in New Mexico have stayed on point; to me, these trends are fascinating.
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Housing MarketThe housing market is so unpredictable these days, but experts always say, “It will come back.” What does that mean to the hundreds, if not thousands of people who are choosing to “walk-away” from their homes allowing foreclosures and detrimental dings to their credit reports?

In our guide to the housing market here at Bright Hub, you’ll learn about the historic trends and average cost of homes in the US, plus creative ways to sell your house in a down economy. Is it possible to get out of an upside down mortgage and statistically, when will the housing market rise again?

We’ve got the answers you need including tips on mortgages, interest rates, and even predatory lending scams all in this one-stop guide to the housing market.

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